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About a dozen separate small tribes summered on the coast harvesting oysters and fish, and cultivating corn, peas and beans.Travelling inland as much as 50 miles (80 km) mostly by canoe, they wintered on the coastal plain, hunting deer and gathering nuts and fruit.In the 1670s, English planters from Barbados established themselves near what is now Charleston.Settlers built rice plantations in the South Carolina Lowcountry, east of the Atlantic Seaboard fall line. Plantation labor was done by African slaves who formed the majority of the population by 1720.

His utopia is inspired by John Locke, the major investor in the English slave-trade through the Royal African Company.In 1729 North Carolina was split off into a separate colony.Southern Carolina prospered from the fertility of the Low Country and the harbors, such as that at Charleston.Further west were the Cherokee, and along the Catawba River, the Catawba.These tribes were village-dwellers, relying on agriculture as their primary food source.

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Three years later, a punitive expedition led by Dominique de Gourgue provoked a general insurrection of the natives which permanently expelled the Spaniards from the Piedmont and the Cumberland region, that they had begun to invest from Joara. Augustine, they were then confronted with hostilities from the English navy.