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Experts now think their famous exhibit is the mummy of a man named Pa-kesh, a former priest and head of the pharaoh's gatekeepers - although they are 'bewildered' as to why his testicles had been removed.

Scroll down for video It has been held in a Russian museum for over a century, but scans have revealed that a 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy may not be all it seems.

Both of them belonged to a highly prosperous part of Ancient Egyptian society at that time,' said a spokesman for the museum.

Experts wanted to study the techniques used to preserve eyeballs to 'they kept the shape of those of a living person'.'The examination was carried out on the hospital's most up-to-date equipment using the methods of computer and magnetic resonance tomography, making it possible to see inside the ancient body wrapped in multiple layers of cloth without harming it.'Further results from the exercise will be announced later.

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The scan suggests that the mummy, which was thought to be a female is in fact the remains of a castrated man.

But they are 'bewildered' as to why his testicles had been removed and unclear if this happened before or after death. You can choose from hearts, flowers, stars and much, much more! by Aeschylus by Aeschylus by Sophocles by Sophocles by William Shakespeare by Jose Echegaray by Sophocles by Jean Racine by Pedro Calderón de la Barca by Walter Wykes by Lord Byron by Leonid Andreyev by Ann Wuehler by Anton Chekhov by Anton Chekhov by Stephanie Alison Walker by Aeschylus by William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare by Gregorio Martinez Sierra by John Galsworthy by John Weaver by Lucian by Lucian by Christopher Marlowe by Christopher Marlowe by George Bernard Shaw by Oscar Wilde by August Strindberg by Euripides by Sophocles by Sophocles by Sophocles by Sophocles by Neith Boyce by Floyd Dell by Walter Wykes by Eugene O'Neill by Walter Wykes by Walter Wykes by Walter Wykes by Mary Shelley by Josephine Preston Peabody by John Galsworthy by José Echegaray by L. Hamilton by Lord Byron by Euripides by Euripides by William Shakespeare by Euripides by Jean Racine by Euripides by Gilbert Cannan by Gregorio Martinez Sierra by William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare by Oscar Wilde by Oscar Wilde by Victor Hugo by Maxim Gorky by William Shakespeare by Neith Boyce by St. Bolshakov said the mummies may have become muddled during Russia's turbulent past.'The mummies made it to the Hermitage only after the 1917 Revolution, and it is not quite clear how they were kept and passed on,' he said.'It was quite a murky time.So we do have Babat somewhere, but this mummy wasn't her.

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