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The Gold Coast mogul stunned his Instagram followers after the image featured the three bare women sprawled across his bed on Sunday night.

Beynon also appeared in the photo, seemingly naked, as he took a selfie with the trio of nude derrières in the background.

'Our ultra realistic Android Love Dolls are hand made to perfection to create the most perfect human like silicone sex dolls ever,' the firm behind it says.'To make a human like silicone sex doll first we do a full body silicone lifecast on the model in order to make a perfect replica and ultrarealistic android love doll.

'The robot's maker boasts that she could put herself in 20 different sex positions, and has a fully functional AI who 'won't complain and is ready 24/7.' - She is covered in sensors that respond to human touch and can switch between 'family' and 'sexy' mode. The sex robot also has a functional vagina and mouth, according to its Spanish inventor.

Sex androids will use an operating system, much like all modern computers or phones, Dr Patterson said.Nicknamed 'The Candyman', he lives in an extravagant home with Taesha Beynon, who he married in 2011, his girlfriend Nisha and his four children.According to Beynon, a bed full of women is a common occurrence in his household and left little to the imagination as what goes on behind closed doors.'In bed, there's four girls as an average. I think I come up with a new position every week,' he previously told Ocean Road Magazine.'Bedroom time isn't for me; it's to stimulate the girls.Cyber criminals could easily breach the robots' inner defences and turn them against their human owners, lecturer Dr Nick Patterson says (stock image)There are around five makers of sex robots worldwide, with prices ranging from around £4,000 (,275) to more than £11,600 (,300) for a 'deluxe' model.But while they are becoming ever more realistic, scientists say it could be 50 years before robots are able to move and talk spontaneously like a partner and have facial expressions that look truly human.

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Hackers could one day order sex robots to kill their human lovers, a cyber security expert has warned.