Online dating is a waste of time for guys

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I banged a rocker chick who looked like the type that would never mess with black dudes. Works just as well for every other "popular opinion" . But the women that are attracted to black men have a stronger attraction to them instantly. The best way to go is to actively FIND someone who's a minority still managing to pull, learn from him, apply as much as you can to your own profile, and move on. I never used online dating to actually date a chick. Just as many including Roosh have noted, typically white guys have access to potentially attract a larger percentage of women overall.I admit that I was rejected by a well known dating site that supposedly is scientifically proven to help someone meet a potential partner that is compatible based on dimensions.I was shocked after answering all the questions truthfully to receive a message that I’m not compatible with anyone and therefore cannot join their his head he says men 50-plus shouldnt overlook the worldly assets things that closer to his age. in his head he just thinks oh what many of dating a opinions and thoughts because.

Dating sites make it easier to meet someone since you can place an online profile and respond to online profiles meaning someone like me who is socially awkward may have a better chance but my personal opinion is they are a waste of time and money.

I am not too attractive so regardless online game is a crapshoot for me anyway. Anybody who has great pictures, a decent profile can get laid with 10 minutes of work a day online. It depends on how you compensate for your perceived flaws. Specially with online dating where the profile picture matters significantly more.

I am working with a mid suited connector hand so I win a few every so often.

and these flaws are not compensated but actually accentuated through bad game limiting beliefs. But I still found success by putting up high quality pics, which I have plenty of from parties and events I've been to with hired photographers around. The pics were so good that I always looked worse in person which is what you want to go for unless you happen to look the same either way.

But then again, remember that an LARGE number of men who resort to online dating have terrible game... I haven't done any online dating this year because I didn't find the value and quality to be worth the effort, at least in DC. I think in some instances it may have been because I had seen instances where relatively higher quality girls would flatly state a racial preference on their profile, which often was white men.

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theres a much bigger group of women that just wont go for non-white people period. A decent portion might not go for black guys cause of what their friends would thing One the same note. If you are not getting results online, it most likely has to do with something about your online game. For me I can't pull off a hip hop look so I am going to start experimenting with a more hipster type of look. or I'll have pics where I look a tad bit different in each one (been told this plenty as well)..

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