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These suspension footbridges are often called swinging bridges because the bridge sways beneath your feet as you walk across.They are also referred to as rope bridges due to their historical origin based on the ancient Inca rope bridge.The town has an old-fashioned, "real town" feel about it, but is also graced with handsome, modern structures on all sides.

It was moved here from its original location on the "Cotton Bend" downstream, where salt barge maker Jesse Cotton lived in it with his wife Jane.Winding mountain roads feature family farms, roadside stands, small country stores, hilltop cemeteries, historic weathered barns and swinging bridges.Oneida is a natural, backcountry paradise for those who want to experience the peace and adventures of raw, untamed nature.Enjoy a scenic walk along Goose Creek on the River Walk Trail. Pass by the Manchester Goose Creek Swinging Bridge, or enjoy an exciting diversion by crossing this fascinating relic of Appalachian heritage.Lovingly restored, this footbridge leads to the historic village of Downtown Manchester featuring in early Kentucky history.

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A hamlet, or unincorporated community, is a small settlement in a rural area.

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