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The input sequences are related to an HTTP transaction.

An example of this format is:, -, 03/20/17, , W3SVC2, SALES1, 1.45, 4502, 163, 3223, 200, 0, GET, /logo.png, -, 1.255, anonymous, 03/20/01, , MSFTPSVC, SALES1, 1.255, 60, 275, 0, 0, 0, PASS, /intro.html, -, The NCSA file format is also a common fixed ASCII format, available for web sites, but does not meet FTP.To run them, just execute Log and make sure to specify that the input is an IIS Log file (-i: W3C) and for ease of use in this case we will export to a CSV file that can be then opened in Excel (-o: CSV) for further analysis: A final note: any time you deal with Date and Time, remember to use the TO_LOCALTIME function to convert the log times to your local time, otherwise you will find it very confusing when your entries seem to be reported incorrectly.If you need any help you can always visit the Log Parser Forums to find more information or ask specific questions. In a previous blog article I've detailed how to analyse IIS Logs using Excel.However, when you get very huge logs or when you want to automate this operation, Excel is not the best way to do. It allows you to parse any kind of logs (IIS, HTTPErr, Event Logs…) using a programming language similar to SQL.

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My recommendation was that if they were comfortable with using a SQL-like language that they should use Log Parser.

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