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Rasi Porutham takes into account the compatibility level of the Zodiac signs of the individuals in concern.

If the signs are compatible with each other then they can be assured of a long lasting and successful married life.

In South India, 10 Poruthams or Nakshatra Porutham are taken into consideration in Porutham.

The 10 Porutham or ten points of Porutham are as follows: Rasi denotes the Zodiac signs in Tamil Astrology.

Also known as Nakshatra Porutham or 10 Porutham in Tamil Jothidam, this horoscope matching system considers 10 different aspects for conjugal bliss.

If Nadi Kuta is unfavourable then a match with 28 Gunas is also considered inauspicious. In Ashtakuta Kundali match, eight different personality aspects of the couple are compared and assigned certain points based on compatibility match.The final result depends on the summation of points assigned to all personality aspects.Results will be smaller groups, filtered for only astrologically matching people.Thirumana Porutham or Jathaka Porutham is one of the most important aspects of marriage as per Tamil Astrology.

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If the Rasi of the husband that has its ruling planet as Moon is second when counted from the sign of the wife, then one can be assured that this marriage would not last for a very long time.