Day four dating

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Day four dating

Hawaiian time on December 7, 1941, took place at a.m. A particular day may be represented by a different date in another calendar as in the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar, which have been used simultaneously in different places.In most calendar systems, the date consists of three parts: the day of month, month, and the year.A calendar date is a reference to a particular day represented within a calendar system.The calendar date allows the specific day to be identified.That is, using this format textual orderings and chronological orderings are identical.This form is standard in East Asia, Iran, Belgium, Lithuania, Hungary and Sweden; and some other countries to a limited extent.The modern convention is to avoid using the ordinal (th, st, rd, nd) form of numbers when the day follows the month (July 4 or July 4, 1776).

Sunday, November the 9th, and even November the 9th, Sunday, are also possible and readily understood).

Examples for the 9th of November 2003: This sequence is used primarily in the Philippines, English Canada and the United States.

This date format was commonly used alongside the little-endian form in the United Kingdom until the mid-20th century and can be found in both defunct and modern print media such as the London Gazette and The Times, respectively.

When numbers are used to represent months, a significant amount of confusion can arise from the ambiguity of a date order; especially when the numbers representing the day, month or year are low, it can be impossible to tell which order is being used.

This can be clarified by using four digits to represent years, and naming the month; for example, "Feb" instead of "02".

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The number of days between two dates may be calculated.