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Blink speed dating cost

On what is considered the most romantic day of the year, the campaign is urging young men to take care while driving, particularly when they have their wives or girlfriends in the car with them.’The ring tones will be launched today as statistics reveal that poor concentration accounts for a high percentage of road crash deaths and serious injuries - with mobile phones considered the single biggest distraction.

Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons said the safety initiative, urged drivers to download the ring tones with lyrics "Don't pick me up if you're driving" and "Distracted drivers are dangerous" to discourage answering calls mid-journey. Other distractions can be reading street directories, using global-positioning systems, unrestrained pets and changing CDs or selecting songs on i Pods and MP3 players.

If we can cap this problem in Mayo we’ll be making a real contribution to solving a national, as well as a local, threat to biker safety and motorist safety.

Director of Policy AA Ireland said ‘Diesel/oil spills are a major hazard on the road.

Mr Noel Gibbons road safety Officer said The Valentine’s campaign is targeted primarily at young male drivers.

Statistics show that this group is involved in more road traffic collisions than any other category of driver.

The road safety Office of Mayo County Council urges motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to "spring forward" safely when Daylight-Saving Road users should be aware that sunrise will occur one hour later, meaning that it will be darker later in the morning.

Although the campaign carries a serious message, the team at the Road Safety Unit doesn’t want to pour cold water on romance and the flyers being distributed ask drivers to ‘Keep you and your Valentine safe’ and include a list of ‘top tips’ to make sure your plans for February 14th run as smoothly as your driving.Vehicles can skid, swerve and lose control on patches of diesel, endangering their drivers, passengers, other road users, pedestrians and property.Wet weather can worsen slicks and, coupled with bad light, can sometimes make them impossible to see.We know that trying to use your phone while you drive is lethal.There is now plenty of research to back up what our own common sense told us in the first place – you cannot use a phone and drive safely at the same time.

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It is one of the silliest ways to get penalty points but more seriously it is a gamble with your own and other people’s lives. Irish people love their phones more than most and if it rings you are very tempted to answer it.