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Indeed, the British Medical Association is suddenly demanding that their indulgence should be promoted to a proper illness (for which read: it's not their fault, the girls can't help it) and that the NHS should spend serious money, that is to say yours and mine, 'treating' them. Addiction to gambling is a matter of choice, in that you don't catch it in one go.

I played poker once, two years ago, in some so-called celebrity tournament and won it, to the tune of four figures for my favourite charity. In fact, so acute was the heart-thumping that then and there I recognised it for the seduction it was and haven't looked at a playing card since.

Yet another example of this differentiation thrust itself into our faces this week on the knotty issue of gambling.

For centuries there have been people who cannot resist the instant riches that they just are riding on the next horse, card or throw of dice, to which end they bet their food and even their homes, in the process driving their families to exasperation, desperation and the poor-house.

A sexually ridiculous jibe from a male colleague at work, one which a generation ago we would have destroyed with derision? Bring on the smelling salts, the industrial tribunal and the counsellors to diagnose 'post-traumatic stress disorder'.

To illustrate the point, some bullying thug of a woman came on to explain herself.

As it happens, I am uneasy about invoking provocation in cases of any and all killings.

But I am still less easy that we appear able to accept it for women and not for men, supporting as this does the view that men are able to take responsibility for what they do, whereas women are not; that women are less capable, less clever, less moral and less able to make decisions and live with the results.

But instead of dripping remorse, she managed the same self-pitying victim-whine that routinely stalks the programme: 'Nuffin' to be proud of, fair enough,' but she 'couldn't express 'erself' and what she really needed was ''elp'. At which point a male guest, himself a sufferer at the hands of such a thug, congratulated her, expressed his admiration for her seeking the ''elp', while the interviewer didn't so much as hint a criticism of the woman's ferocious rages.

Can you imagine programme, let alone Woman's Hour, affording the same soft ride to a man who had regularly beaten women?

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  1. At 20, she had me and for the next three years, my father harassed her over money (she made much more than him); he also let her know that, while she may have had straight As in high school, he, a junior high dropout, was the smarter of the pair.