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18 furry hookups

By the end of February, mall officials said, they plan to start a “youth escort policy” requiring all visitors younger than 18 to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 21 years old after 6 p.m. Mall officials will issue special identification for teens working at the mall after 6 p.m. “We have designed a policy that will allow Monroeville Mall to address unsupervised youth issues and provide all of our shoppers with a pleasant shopping experience,” the mall's general manager, Tom Gerber, said in a statement. Hudson told the Tribune-Review he is unsure how effective the mall's new policy for minors might be, considering that it would require significant effort and increased patrols to enforce the policy in a busy mall and vast parking lots.

“If they're going to institute that, they're going to have to follow up,” he said.

“Now, I've got three people who were shot (Saturday) night.

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Working under contract with Zappala's office, John Hudson of Monaca-based Security Consulting Solutions Inc.

reviewed security at the mall and recommended that management install license-plate reading technology at three entrances to the mall parking lot, which could keep records of who comes and goes and could alert law enforcement if anyone arrives who is a known or wanted criminal, Hudson said.

Officials are going to increase frequency of patrols immediately.

Thornhill remains in Allegheny County Jail on 0,000 bail on charges of aggravated assault, gun possession, reckless endangerment, causing catastrophe and attempted homicide. Told that police charged him in the shooting, Lawanda Thornhill repeated: “Oh my goodness.” She asked about the people wounded in the shooting. Tarod Thornhill had previous run-ins with law enforcement and spent time at Shuman Juvenile Detention Center, Lawanda Thornhill said.

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But nothing of the proposed $105,000 project was installed, he said.